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Next level Payback
Game Call of Duty: Black Ops
Character Jason Hudson, Neitsch, Mosely
Team CIA, U.S. Air Force
Weapons Famas, M1911, AUG, Crossbow
Enemy weapons HK21, AK-47, CZ75, Skorpion, Spas-12, Galil, KS-23
Place California, Mt. Yamantau, Ural Mountains
Date February 18, 1968
Objective Infiltrate the Nova 6 facility
Enemies Soviet Armed Forces
Multiplayer map WMD, Array, Summit

WMD is the 11th level in Call of Duty: Black Ops.


The mission starts off as the player (Captain Mosely) walking towards an SR-71 Blackbird being saluted by other soilders with Major Neitsch. The two head into there seats and get ready for departure. The control tower then tell Neitsch and Mosely "they have the sky". The player then hits the button to turn on the afterburner. Next the player uses the thumb-stick to pull up and begin the ascent.

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