Operation 40
Next level Vorkuta
Game Call of Duty: Black Ops
Character Alex Mason
Team Op 40
Weapons M16 ACOG with Grenade Launcher, ASP
Enemy weapons ASP, FN FAL, Skorpion
Place Santa Maria, Cuba
Date April 17, 1961
Objective Escape the police, kill Castro
Enemies Cuban Police, Cuban Army
Multiplayer map Havana, Villa

Operation 40 is the first campaign level in Call of Duty: Black Ops.


The level starts off with Mason straped to a chair in a room being interrogated. After being shocked many time for not answering questions, the scene shifts to Frank Woods, Joseph Bowman, and Alex Mason in a bar talking about battle plans to attack an airfield with Carlos, a police officer will try and ask Mason whats his name. The officer then grabs Mason. Woods stabs him in the hand with a knife and smashes a bottle over his head. Mason the takes out his ASP and kills one of the officers. Carlos then passes Mason an M16 ACOG with Grenade Launcher. You now take the fight to the street. While Mason and his team heads to the car to escape, they are encountered by the Cuban police. After fighting through the streets with support fire from Bowman and Carlos, the team gets to the plaza but the police have barricaded the road forcing the team off the street. They head down an alley and they steal a car. Carlos stays behind to ready his men for the attack on the airfield. Bowman, Woods, and Mason then escape Santa Monica and the screen blacks out. Then you are back in the interrogation room. After being shocked again, Mason passes out.

The screen then goes back to the mission to Mason, Bowman, and Woods overlooking Castro's compound. After the battle begins, the team hooks up and ziplines over a ravine. Bowman and Woods both land on Cuban soilders and kill them. The player then heads into the building into a room with a soldier on a radio. Go up to him and melee him. Mason will garrote the guard, silently dispatching him. After killing him, Woods will open the door and then heads outside with Bowman. After the infantry pass, the group advances over to a small area with Cuban forces. After eliminating all the infantry, head up the stairs and you will breach an ammo room. There are about five soldiers waiting for you in room. After entering, there are more hostiles outside the building. Kill them and then head up the stairs to the left. Once up the stairs, the group will once again breach a building. Two soldiers will run into the room. After killing them, Bowman will head up to the roofs leaving Woods and Mason to find and kill Castro. The player and Woods then pass several rooms killing the soldiers in there path. After the final room is cleared, Woods will tell you to stack up. You pull out your ASP and breach the room. There are three soldiers in thise room. The scene will go into slow-motion. One is straight in front of you, the secound can be seen trying to hope over the seat to cover, and the last soldier is near the door on the right. After clearing this room, head to the next door. Woods and Mason will then breach, revealing Castro and his mistress. You can choose to either kill Castro with a headshot, sparing the mistress, or shoot through her to kill both of them. If Castro is put down with a headshot, an achievement will be rewarded, and the mistress will pull out a KS-23 form under the bed and charge you. Gun her down as well, but if you don't Woods will in disgust. Woods will then shoot up the door where two soldiers were about to come in. The door will open and you will make your way outside. There will be about four soldiers behind cover. After killing them, the door will swing open and a man with an RPK will spray bullets all over the place, kill him and another soldier will come out. After clearing this area, head into the building and Bowman will join you again, coming through a doorway fighting an enemy soldier. This building is burning and has many enemies in it. Eliminate all the hostiles in the rooms and the building then head down the stairs. Kill the enemies here, and then head outside. a soldier will be coming up the steeps, gun him down and the Cuban army will roll in and try and stop your team. A truck with an MG will show up. It is recommended to kill it as it will easily kill the player with a few bullets. After about half a minute, Carlos and his men will come over the east wall. They will kill the soldiers. But a BTR with several other soilders will break in through the west side wall. But the BTR will be taken out in a few seconds thanks to Carlos's men. Go through the wall that the BTR made and head into the sugar fields.

You will then reach a cliff where you can see the rebels geting beaten. Grapple down the hill and make a run across the airfield into the hangar on the other side. After getting on the plan, you will take an M60 and kill the soilders trying to stop your departure. Also kill the ZPUs as they will try and destroy the plane. But the team spots a blockage preventing them from escaping. Mason the jumps off the plane and sprints to the empty ZPU. He then shoots the blockage, allowing Woods, Bowman, and Carlos to escape.

Mason is then captured by Dragovich, Kravchenko, and the real Castro. Castro then tells Mason that the person he killed back in the room was a double. Castro then goes on to giving Mason away to Dragovich and Kravchenko. The screen blacks out and goes back the the interrogation room.


Part 1Edit

  • Stay behind cover if playing on the higher difficulties like Veteran of Hardened. If you walk into the open, even though the police have ASPs, they can still kill you very easily with three or four bullets.
  • The officers can easily be killed with a single bullet, so do not waste ammo.
  • Also, try not to use the grenade launcher. The vehicles can be destroyed with about half of a mag. Save the grenade launchers for the later parts of the level. Only use the grenade launcher if playing on the Veteran difficulty.
  • Be aware that the ammo carries over from the first part to the second, so don't waste all the M203 rounds. Also save the M16's ammo, as more ammo for it is rare.

Part 2Edit

  • Shoot Castro in the head to be awarded the "Death to Dictators" acheivement/trophy.
  • After you have left the burning building, use the RPG found behind a wall on the left side. This can be used to take out the towers that are firing at you.
  • Once inside the burning building, use up the rest of the grenade launcher. This is the best place to use them as there are alot of enemies here and you can take out several of them with a single grenade launch.

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