417px-Nacht der Untoten
Nacht Der Untoten is the smallest zombie map to date. Mule kick is also the only perk-a-cola in this map. This map also includes the mystery box, but there is no Pack-a-Punch or Per-a-Colas in this level.


Take the short way to the Mystery Box.

1. Gain points by killing zombies.
  • There are five windows in the starting room, the Mule Kick is also available here; but for 4000 points.
1. After gaining at least 600 points purchase the M1A1 Carbine off the wall, this will be usefull until you have enough money to reach the Mystery Box.
2. Gain at least 1000 points to purchase the door in the back of the building with the writing on it.
  • The Mystery Box costs 950 points to open, and upon opening the player that opened it will be able to grab the random weapon it provides.
  • There are also three barriers in this room; one barrier is the wall across from the doorway.
  1. Save up to get a weapon here.
  2. Also save up to get a thompson. Switch the M1A1 carbine for this.

A. If you get two good weapons in the mystery box (like the galil and ray gun) don't buy the thompson

  1. Once overun, buy the debree and head up stairs.
  2. Head into the room with the debree heading down stairs. DON'T buy the debree. Stay in the corner here. There are grenades here a well. Camp here the rest of the game.
  • In the room mentioned above, there is one room and debree leading to the start room.


  • There is really no way to get to super high rounds due to no Pack-a-Punch machine or Perk-a-Colas.

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