Singleplayer StrategyEdit

Round 1: Shoot the zombies four times in the leg then knife. Don't buy the M14 or Olympia.

Round 2: Shoot the zombies five times in the leg then knife. Once again, don't buy M14 or Olympia.

Round 3: Shoot the zombies with the remaining ammo then knife (Unless you get max ammo then shoot six times then knife). don't buy M14 or Olympia.

Round 4: Clear the debree leading into the cave. Then go buy the MP5k and head up the stairs. fend off here until the end of the round.

Round 5: Fend off here another round, if you run out of ammo, buy some.

Round 6: Head down the stairs and open the door leading to the ice slide. Slide down, and if possible, buy the Sicle. If you can't then rack up enough money to buy one. Once bought, jump down the ridge and finish off the remaining zombies.

Round 7: Stay here one more round. If you run out of ammo, go buy the AK-74u.

Round 8: If you didn't buy the AK-74u buy it now. Then head over back to the start area. Head over to the boat and clear the debree until you get to the power room. If you do not have enough money to get to the power room, Earn enough in the place your at.

Round 9: You may need more money, so fend of here or in the power room.

Round 10: Turn the power on and head down to the middle of the boat and try to get to the juggernog room.

Round 11: Get juggernog! Now the zombies are hard to kill so save up to get it.

Round 12 or 13: After getting juggernog, head over to the AK-74u area and buy more ammo. Spend the round here.

Round 14: Now it's time to Pack-A-Punch and destroy the zombies. After getting 6000 points, head over to the Pack-A-Punch wherever it is. Once you have reached the machine, use the AK-74u on it. (Use the AK-74u because it is much more powerful, you also may need to buy some doors to get to the Pack-A-Punch, so keep an extra 1000 just in case.

Round 15-: Use the mystery box when possible and try to score a good weapon like the Galil or the HK21 then Pack-A-Punch it when you get enough money. Once you have good weapons, get the other perks and try and survive as long as you can.

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